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Born in 1992 in Mechelen, BE

Lives and works in Brussels


In 2017 graduted from his bachelors degree in fine arts at LUCA: School of Arts in Bussels

In 2018 graduted from his masters degree in fine arts at LUCA: School of Arts in Bussels


Artist Statement

As an artist, we have to be critical with the materials and their value, which are therefore an unmistakable part of our society. As a painter I also consider the value of the materials and their value within their medium. This approach therefore has different outcomes. That is why my imagery can not be directly placed in one fixed form. This is also specific to the society of a large production of images. In this analytical approach, I try to answer variables outcomes of questions by working in series. As in the sciences, results only become valuable when they are repeatable in their execution and outcome. Although the outcome will never be completely perfect by the human intervention. The acceptance of the imperfections of material handling is therefore a conscious choice to leave it in. I think it is important that a form of liveliness is preserved in the work. This can be about a small element within the work. This is also present in minimalism.

The question: "What is the ratio of light, space and time in relation to the static image?" Is central to the current development of my artistic practice. Light is the main condition of a painting. But is also one of the most common elements in our daily life. We surround us with light in the use of smartphones, laptops or lamps in the evening when the natural light disappears behind the horizon. It therefore determines how we experience time as well as the space or the absence here. The distorted reflectivity abstracts the real world, and becomes part of the work. This means that the work is in a constant flux of movement through the day, and the moment when the viewer reads the work. In this, the element of time creeps into the work. Time and space are, just like Einstein, one whole.


Online Representation:

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